NEWS - 09 February 2015

Swiss Power4ever

The lifelong hairdryer

Swiss Power4ever

For all those who want the very best, VALERA is launching the professional hairdryer Swiss Power4ever, that tops everything known in terms of performance and endurance.

Its ENDURO Brushless BLDC motor allows unprecedented drying performance (dries up to 50% faster!1) and a virtually endless service life.

Four extremely powerful Neodymium Iron Boron magnets2 replace the graphite carbon brushes used in conventional motors, which wear out. The ENDURO Brushless BLDC motor guarantees a service life of up to 10,000 hours (5 times longer than AC motors), has a lighter weight and does not cause environmental pollution through carbon dust emission.

In combination with Smart Airflow Technology, which optimizes internal airflow and guarantees maximum performance with minimum noise levels, Swiss Power4ever delivers professional performance without compromises.

Of course the hairdryer is equipped with VALERA’s exclusive accessories ROTOCORD (swivel device in the cord preventing tangles) and TOUCH ME (styling nozzle that remains cool).

Swiss Power4ever - extremely powerful, extremely durable. The lifelong hairdryer.

By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists with 60 years of experience in hair care appliances.


1 Compared with hairdryers with DC motors, 25% faster than hairdryers with AC motors.

2 The lathanide magnet NdFeB is a new kind of magnetic material with excellent magnetic properties.


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