NEWS - 12 septembre 2012


Swiss design and highest standards of perfection with the new professional hair-clipper set from Valera


Valera unveils its new X-Master hair-cutting set, a flagship product that rounds off the Valera range of hair-clippers for the professional market.

This high-tech set gives demanding hair stylists access to the outer limits of perfection and reliability in their daily working lives.

X-Master is compelling from first glance with its ergonomic and elegant shape, including charger with accessories compartment - this design was developed directly in Switzerland by Valera.

The technical equipment is above and beyond any comparison with any of the top competing products:

The Durablade blades, made of diamond-ground Japanese steel guarantee sharpness, long service life and absolutely accurate cutting action.

With the VARIO-Cut system, five cutting lengths can be set precisely (0.8 – 1.3 – 1.8 – 2.4 and 3 mm). The cutting length selector is conveniently positioned on the front of the appliance.

The X-Master hair-cutting set runs for 60 minutes in cordless mode and has a high-speed battery charger. Of course, this hair clipper can also run off mains power.

A powerful 'Profi' (professional) motor and universal voltage of 100-240 V make X-Master into a reliable appliance that can be used worldwide.

X-Master is supplied with a 46 mm blade. Blades measuring 10 mm and 30 mm can also be supplied. The basic equipment includes five plug-in combs (4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 mm), a cleaning brush and an oiler. These accessories are conveniently stored in the charger behind the appliance, so are always readily accessible.

X-Master is available in two versions:

  • X-Master (Mod. 652.03),
  • X-Master plus (Mod. 652.02) with additional LED charging indicator.

X-Master - an appliance for the master class from Valera, Swiss hair specialist since 1955.