NEWS - 13 février 2012


X-Carbon: the professional hand-finished carbon fibre comb.


The X-Carbon combs are part of the new and highly professional Valera Styling Tools range, designed to satisfy the requirements of professional hairstylists.

The high content of carbon fibre guarantees excellent resistance to heat.

X-Carbon combs are non-warping, unbreakable and resistant to chemicals. They can be sterilised as often as required, for total hygiene all the time.

The hand-finished teeth are gentle on both hair and scalp. They have an antistatic effect, preventing electrical charge from building up on the hair.

The non-slip surface offers a secure grip.

X-Carbon therefore offers a wealth of significant technical features:

  • 20% carbon fibre
  • Excellent resistance to heat
  • Non-warping and unbreakable
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Can be sterilised
  • Hand-finished teeth
  • Antistatic

X-Carbon is available in five models, for various styles and hair lengths:


Large Dressing - 19 cm
Mod. 902.01


Large Cutting - 21 cm
Mod. 902.02


Small Cutting - 18 cm
Mod. 902.03


Tail Comb
Mod. 902.04


Handle Comb
Mod. 902.05

By Valera, the Swiss haircare specialist. Since 1955.