NEWS - 11 février 2008

VALERA doubles

Press Release February 2008

VALERA doubles

The Management of Ligo Electric SA, owner of the VALERA brand is proud to announce that construction of its new factory building began in Ligornetto, Switzerland on January 24, 2008.

The success of Ligo Electric SA got its start in 1955 (then the company was called Sorel) as a producer of appliances for some of the finest European brands. Today, Ligo Electric has become a leader, with its VALERA brand, in the sector of hairdryers and equipment for hair care, selling to the consumer market, professional beauty salons and hotel chains.

The new building will be VALERA red, in accordance with the coordinated image of VALERA.

When construction is complete, towards the end of 2008, Ligo Electric will dispose of a total area of 3600 square meters, that will enable it to double its production capacity and store up to 4000 pallets. This will significantly increase the efficiency and flexibility of Ligo Electric in responding "just-in-time" to the demands of its clients all over the world, who are coming to appreciate quality "Made in Switzerland" more and more, as a guarantee of excellence and exclusivity.

It is an ambitious project that confirms the success of VALERA and the desire of the Soresina family to continue growing and investing in the future.