NEWS - 13 février 2012

Swiss Travel Set

Professional haircare. Even on the road.

Swiss Travel Set

Professional styling by Valera: ready, steady, go!

Who says you need to accept less-than-perfect hair when travelling? Valera has utilised its technological know-how and insight to create a highly professional set which helps you take care of your hair, even when you are miles from home.

Two professional appliances in one set.

Swiss Travel Set comes in an elegant beauty case and includes the following:

Swiss Light FoldAway, the only professional folding hairdryer

  • Ultra-light, weighs just 390 g
  • Super-powerful, 2000 W
  • Equipped with an ion generator
  • Color Care system: enhances coloured hair, thanks to the combined action of negative ions, increate airflow and easy temperature control
  • Buttons conveniently positioned on the front
  • Hinged air inlet grille
  • Professional 3-metre power cord

Swiss X’Logica, the professional electronic hair straighteners

  • Precise electronic temperature adjustment
  • Five layers of ceramic tourmaline to encourage heat distribution and help the straighteners glide over the hair
  • Floating Plates System, which ensures the straighteners grip the hair perfectly and diffuse their power and heat evenly
  • Ion generator to protect hair, even at high temperatures
  • Temperature: the appliance reaches 230°C in 20 seconds and remains at a constant level
  • Thermocap heat-insulating hood

The perfect duo, for a perfect gift.

Swiss Travel Set is an ideal gift for anyone who always wants their hair to look perfect, even while they are travelling. With its elegant Deluxe pouch, it is a true compact and practical hairstyling beauty case that you will never leave behind.

The product of Swiss technology, research, design and professionalism.

Valera, a Swiss leader in the production of highly professional hairstyling tools, goes beyond technological innovation to create combinations which are also useful and elegant. Since 1955.