Healthy Hair


Perfect styling is based on regularly cleaning and caring for your hair. Read our tips on how to do it right:

Washing your hair

Always choose a mild shampoo that suits your type of hair. Just use a hazelnut-sized amount (twice that for very long hair) and shampoo briefly. Do not use excessively degreasing products on greasy hair, as the skin could feel under attack and react with an excessive production of sebum. Just one wash is more than enough. Always rinse the hair thoroughly, so as not to leave any shampoo residue on the hair or scalp. The water should not be too hot.


After washing with shampoo, a conditioner will return the hair's natural protection that the cleaning product stripped it of. Apply gently from the hair roots to the tips, and leave for the usual time of one minute. Extra tip: Rinse the care product off with cool water. This stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and closes the hair's cuticle layer.


Wet hair is particularly sensitive. For that reason, never rub it too hard with a towel – pat dry rather than rub dry. It is best to leave your hair wrapped up in a towel to dry off before getting the hairdryer out. Make sure you use the right temperature setting – if it is too hot it can quickly dry out the hair and any care product you have put in will lose their effect. As a rule of thumb, if the air from the dryer hurts your scalp, it is too hot. If you are often in a hurry, choose a hairdryer with a powerful air flow. For example, the VALERA Silent 2200 Super Ionic blow-dries incredibly quickly even at comfortable temperatures and is also extremely quiet. To avoid damaging your hair, it is very important to always dry it thoroughly before styling with a dryer and brush. The hair must be completely dry before you style it with straighteners, a curling iron or other styling tool.

Combing and brushing

It is best not to comb wet hair because it is especially sensitive. If necessary, use a coarse-toothed comb that will not damage the hair. Make sure you use rounded prongs, to protect the scalp (for example, VALERA X-Carbon Handle Comb).

It is best to brush dry hair with natural bristles – this prevents static charge and results in more shine. You only need a few brush strokes and please do not brush against the grain, otherwise you roughen the cuticle layer of the hair.

Extra tips

The basic rule for beautiful hair: No stress please! Learn how to avoid particular stress factors for the hair.

Do you like to wear your hair up in a braid? Use soft, fabric-bound scrunchies and vary the height of the braid to avoid hair breakage.

Protect your hair from wind and weather. Direct sunlight dries out the hair and can fade hair colours. Let hats or scarves become your loyal companions in the summer.

A day at the beach – balm for the soul, stress for the skin and hair. The salt water dries the hair into small crystals that resemble burning lenses in the sun. After swimming, always rinse the hair with clean water. Use haircare products with sunscreen. Home remedies like vinegar also revive stressed hair after exposure to the sun, salt and chlorine water, so you can comb it through again. Prepare a mixture of a quarter liter of water and a tablespoon of white vinegar.

Do you like a dip in the pool or a swim in the public swimming pools? If you have bleached hair, a high chlorine content in the water can give it a green hue. Try this old home remedy: Rinse the hair with an aspirin dissolved in water. Then rinse thoroughly. For regular cleaning, it is best to use a shampoo specifically for colored hair.