Drying your hair


Drying your hair

I wash my hair every day and have to blow-dry it as quickly as possible in the morning. But high temperatures damage hair. Do you have any tip?

This is the gentle way to dry your hair: First towel dry thoroughly (by pressing and patting, not rubbing). It is important not to hold the hairdryer too close to the head - hold it at least 20 cm away. Choose a setting with a powerful airflow but low temperature. Negative ions also help to dry hair more quickly. A perfect dryer for you: the Silent Power 2400 Ionic. It has an extra powerful air-stream to dry quickly even at low temperatures. The ion generator channels negative ions into the hair, which split the water droplets into smaller molecules thus reducing drying time. They also help to retain the natural moisture content of the hair for a smooth, glossy result.

I have recently seen a Valera hairdryer with "Rotocord". How does this work?

Rotocord is a kind of swivel joint which is integrated into the cables of our professional hairdryers. It allows the dryer to turn freely through an angle of 360 degrees and prevents the cable from getting in a tangle. It is a perfect solution for optimum freedom of movement for the hairdresser in the salon, but also a practical innovation for home use.

We have very thin walls and my neighbors complain about the loud noise from my hairdryer. Does Valera offer a quiet model?

Valera has developed a complete range of particularly quiet hairdryers for home use: the "Silent" range. Noise levels are measured in decibels. Normal hairdryers have a decibel level of 85 or more. The Valera Silent range are among the quietest hairdryers on the market with a decibel level of 72 (Silent Power 2400 IonicIonic Wellness 2000).

I have the Excel 1800 hairdryer. Is there a diffuser that fits this model?

There is a suitable diffuser (also called a volumizer) to fit every Valera hairdryer. It is fixed to the hairdryer instead of a styling nozzle and is particularly gentle for drying curly or wavy hair. The airflow is well distributed by the diffuser. A very concentrated airflow would turn curls into "frizz". Important: There are suitable diffusers to fit all the different hairdryers. The DSL model fits the Excel 1800. To find a list of the different diffusers with details of the hairdryers they fit: Accessories.

Which of your hairdryers has the best ion effect? My hair is always full of static electricity, and I have heard that ions can remedy this.

Correct: Negative ions released with the air when you blow-dry neutralize the positive ions present in the hair and reduce static charge or the so-called "fly-away effect". Our hairdryers with "Ionic" in their name have a particularly powerful ion generator. It produces millions of negatively charged ions for maximum smooth and "anti-static" effect. We would recommend for example the Excel 2000 Ionic, an ultra-light hairdryer with maximum ion-power.

I would like to buy a Valera professional hairdryer. Should I choose one with an AC or DC motor? What is the difference?

For professional hairdryers, designed for constant use in the hairdressing salon, it is essential to have a powerful motor with a long service life. The classic Long-Life AC Universal Motor (alternating current - collector motor) produces a powerful airflow and has an expected life of about 2000 hours. However, the lighter Long-Life DC Pro motors also produces a powerful airflow thanks to the exclusive Valera blower technology. This is important not only for quick drying but also for using the extra narrow professional styling nozzles. The life expectancy of DC motors is about 1200 hours. Conclusion: For long life and power, the AC motor is superior. If weight is important, then go for a hairdryer with the lighter but still high-power DC Pro motor.

My hairdryer has a "cool shot" button. What is it for?

If you want to use your hairdryer not just for drying but also for styling, the cool shot button is a useful feature: When you finish styling each section of your hair with hot air, give it a short blast of cool air. Rapid coolig fixes the shape and allows you to add the finishing touches with your fingers. Professional hairdryers with AC motors even have a cold air button (e.g. Swiss Turbo 8200 Ionic), which produces a shot of cold air every time you press the button. The cool shot button, on the other hand, just cools the hot air. The effect is not so strong.