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In our search engine you can check if a specific online shop is authorized by VALERA.

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WARNING: VALERA is a registered trade mark of Ligo Electric S.A. – Switzerland. Ligo Electric S.A. disclaims any liability or responsibility for any appliance and product bearing the VALERA name, brand or logo or symbol sold by any non-official VALERA retailer. Purchasing such an item from an unauthorized party is therefore at the buyer’s own risk, particularly in the case of counterfeit, altered or damaged products. No explicit or implicit warranty, servicing or other obligation shall ensue for Ligo Electric S.A. or for any VALERA authorized representatives for products sold by unauthorized parties and not accompanied by an official VALERA warranty certificate duly stamped by Ligo Electric S.A. or by any VALERA authorized retailer. For the above reasons and in your own interest, you are invited to acquire VALERA appliances exclusively from Ligo Electric S.A. or from an authorized VALERA retailer.