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Success Story

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How it all began

Let’s go back to 1955, when the 30 years old Gustavo Soresina decided to risk the adventure of an own business and started it in Milan in the basement of a townhouse. He named the little start up SOREL and begun to produce hairdryers and other small electrical household appliances, soon cooperating with famous brands.

The family Soresina

Right from the beginning Gustavo Soresina, founder of SOREL in Milan, was supported by his wife Helga, who took care of the administration. Thanks to Gustavo Soresina’s experience and talent to grow successful business contacts, together with Helga’s accuracy and dedication, things went well and the company could grow continuously.

In 1978 the Soresina’s, looking for a proper location for building a bigger factory, thanks to their international roots and culture, had the idea to move the company to Switzerland. In the Swiss canton Ticino they found favorable conditions for business development and founded Ligo Electric SA, starting the production in a new factory in Ligornetto (Mendrisio).

In the meantime the two sons have joined the company: Claudio in 1976, taking responsibility for production, R&D and IT management, Flavio in 1978, taking care of the marketing and business development.

Gustavo Soresina, now in his 90’s, has delegated the management to his sons, but takes still time to assist and contribute in company’s decisions. The ideal combination of tradition and innovation characterizes the company. VALERA keeps what the Swiss cross promises and takes this promise to the world.

Key stages

  • 1955 Gustavo Soresina founds SOREL in Milan, producing hairdryers and other small electrical household appliances for famous brands.
  • 1978 Ligo Electric SA is founded in Ligornetto, Switzerland (canton of Ticino), and starts production in a new factory.
  • 1990 Its own brand, VALERA, is created and positioned as a specialist in haircare appliances.
  • 2008 Ligo Electric SA's factory is extended, doubling the site to 4000 m2.
  • 2010 Swiss production extended to hair straighteners
  • 2012 VALERA is sold  in over 80 countries
  • 2015 Plus X Award for Swiss Power4ever
  • 1955-2015 60 years of hairdryer production

The brand Valera

Valera or Vallera is the local name for the valley in which our headquarters are located. There is a small brook that flows through this valley (valle in Italian), called Laveggio. Herons on the banks of this small brook, horses in the meadow next to the factory, pastures nearby with cows and sheep grazing … this is the Swiss canton of Ticino in Switzerland, where Ligo Electric has been based since 1978 and has been producing haircare appliances under the brand VALERA since 1990. After a few years, something that started out with baby steps became so successful that the factory building was doubled in 2008 to a surface area of 4000 m2. Maybe it is no coincidence that the name Valera means "healthy, strong, brave and courageous" from its Latin origin.

Top Rating Bisnode D&B

In 2023 Ligo Electric SA has received again the Bisnode D&B Top Rating 1. It stands for financial stability and highest credit rating.

The Risk Indicator 1 means a minimum risk of business failure (scale: 1 = lowest risk, 4 = highest risk).

Bisnode /D&B is the leading source for business information, credit information and company ratings in Switzerland and in the world.